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Dance performance „Windows 2011” by „Zero Ballet“

Concept: Gyula Berger
Gyula Berger and Company

Performers: Gyula Berger, Andrea Lakat, Hajnalka Pintér, Zoltán Szabó

Music: Brian Eno/David Byrne

Lights: Ferenc Payer

Production: ZERO Ballet

Sponsors: Ministry of National Resources, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility, The Symptoms

Duration: 50 min.


“Dear Users!

Welcome at the presentation of Windows 2011! The program is developed by Zero Ballet. In the creating process the designers sought to model an interactive, particularly user-friendly interface in which the user possesses the main role. Now the program is at Your disposal in order to personally test its creative new elements. Thanks to the newest technical solutions the application is voice-controlled so you can direct it by announcing your commands in the microphone. You will find the commands on the papers handed out and on the projection. Please enjoy the game!”

The concept of ZERO, as history records, was India's contribution to the world. For the hindu sages ZERO was not merely a number, but the origin of the world, “seed”, that gives birth to everything. Its first notation was a simple dot.

The company was formed in 2004 in Budapest.

In the name of the company the word ZERO refers to our intention to start from the mysterious centre, as ZERO is the place for transformation: it is the place where negative numbers turn into positive, night turns into day, virtual becomes real. In the Company’s name word “ballet” refers to the honor of the western traditions, even though it doesn’t mean an automatic acceptance or following of these, but rather a creative reconsideration…



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