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Music, light and physical performance “Me Here, You There” (Czech)

Concept: Dragan Stojčevski, Tereza Benešová, Jan Beneš

Performers: Dragan Stojčevski, Tereza Benešová

Light design: Jan Beneš


Sound: Michal Vaniš, Matěj Beneš

Photos: Aňa Šebelková

Production: New Web
Alfred ve dvoře Theatre

Premier: 2011

Duration: 50 min.

This project is searching for specific forms of theatrical expression, formed of sound, light and physical action. The main characters, a man and a woman, playing on the accordions. It’s not a concert, but a conversation. The music creates intangible material, which evokes various modes of communication. The light shining on this conversation becomes a partner to the music and changing relation to the composition.

No language barrier.


International festival of contemporary arts PLArTFORMA
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