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Dance film „Ports in Motion“ („Juister Imaginairies“, Netherlands

Director: Joop Menting

Camera & editing: Rieks Soepenberg

Dance: Kevin Polak & Miquel de Jong

Music: Douwe Eisenga

Sound: Dirk de Kam

Producer: Dirk Voorhoeve

Premier: 2009

Duration: 4.40 min.

(c) 2009 Juister Imaginairies - all rights reserved

Cgi Erik van Helvoirt / Grip Paul Polfliet / Camera assistant Joost Kuiper / Rope Access Toon Dekker - K2 adventure / Executive Producer Brigitte Troost - Zeeland Seaports / Tenor Trombone Henk Kramer / Bass Trombone Alex van Eenennaam / Bastuba Aart van Goudswaart / Piano Douwe Eisenga / Musical director Jakko van der Heijden / Recording engineer Walter Calbo / Many thanks to: Kloosterboer / Koninklijke Schelde / OVET / Vlissingse Bootlieden / Zeeland Seaports / Omroep Zeeland


 „Ports in Motion“ is a short dance-movie about living and working. It’s about working in the harbor. It challenges laws of gravity. It’s material and sprirtual. It’s sweat, it’s dynamic.

The four classical Greek elements earth, water, air, and fire are the main visual themes. They are expressed in the movements of the two dancers in relation to ‘realistic’ activities in continuous movement. The dancers walk on water, mock gravity, control the world around them and climb endlessly in a mountain of black coles and dust. The background of a diversity of locations, people, elements makes the viewer aware of the overwhelming challenge: synergy and bio-energy.


International festival of contemporary arts PLArTFORMA
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