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Dance opera „Wasted Land“ (comp. J.Sakalauskas, chor. A. Šeiko)

Composer, author of libretto and soloist: Jonas Sakalauskas
Choreography: Agnija Šeiko
Performers: Petras Lisauskas, Darius Berulis, Mantas Černeckas

Stage design:  Sigita Šimkūnaitė, Arūnas Paslaitis

Costumes: Sandra Straukaitė

Dramaturgy: Goda Dapšytė

Producer: Radvilė Nakaitė

Partners: Artists group „Fish Eye“, Operomania, Lithuanian Dance Information Centre

Sponsor: Culture Support Fund

Duration: 40 min.


The creators were  inspired by French philosopher Jean Baudrillard book „Simulationa and Simuliacrs“ and Rodrigue Pla movie „Inner Desert“ (Mexico, 2008). Choreographer A. Šeiko constructs performance from the elements of contemporary dance and ballet, which are determined by minimal costumes by S. Straukaitė. J. Sakalauskas‘s music is compiled from various layers: different electornic (ambient, experimental, trip-hop), music from Romantism epoque, weaved with special effects, ritual music, sounds of offices, various noises, song insertions. Main personage soloist-philosopher is also a dancer, and the dancers represent also choir – they talk and sing.


International festival of contemporary arts PLArTFORMA
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