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Dance performance „Bodysnatchers“ (chor. M. Ernits, Estonia)

Concept: Mihkel Ernits
Direction: Külli Roosna, Mihkel Ernits

Light design: Revo Koplus
Stage design: Maarja Mõtus
Choreographers, performers: Rain Saukas, Laura Kvelstein, Jörgen Kapp, Külli Roosna

Music: SPK, The Fun Years, Murcof
Sound design: Shawn Pinchbeck
Make-up: Kaia Pihlak
Photos: Martin Sookael
Co-producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Sponsors: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Gambling Tax Council, Metal-Disain OÜ, CRAMO

Premier: 2010

Duration: 45 min.

This visually nifty performance takes place in a scaffolding cage, playing the role of broadening the notion of stage space. Choreography is physical using acrobatic techniques, sometimes even dangerous - challenging the abilities of dancers. “Bodysnatchers” takes the spectators into a parallel world with its surreal characters and fanciful story. Rules and etiquette there are a mixture of that what we know to make one think about the patterns of behaviour and rules of society. This surreal world provides young artists with a chance to test the themes that are on their minds playfully through distorting-mirror.

Suitable for the whole family, but do not try this at home!

1. Bodysnachers as tomb-breakers and organ brokers have contributed into the development of medicine throughout the history. Currently we can find examples from Thailand, Palestine and elsewhere where corpses are stolen and sold on black market.
2. "The Body Snachers" is a film based on Jack Finney science-fiction novel (1955) which describes a town in California, being invaded by seeds that have drifted to Earth from space. The seeds replace sleeping people with perfect physical duplicates. This novel has been screened 4 times and the on made in 1978 is associated with anti-communism motives (the identical ideal copies of humans as the perfect members of downright reglemented society, sowing the seeds of communism, etc).

„Bodysnatchers“ was nominated for the 2010 Estonian Independent Dance Award.

Mihkel Ernits is a freelance choreographer and currently he is obtaining MA degree in choreographer - director studies at Tallinn University Institute of Fine Arts Department of Choreography. In 2008 he made it to the semi final of the international contemporary dance contest C.o.n.t.est 08.



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