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Dance performance „Feast“ by R. Butkus

Choreography  and performance: Rūta Butkus

Light idea: Rūta Butkus, Dovilė Petkūnaitė

Light design: Vilius Vilutis

Production: PI „Arts Printing House“

Duration: 45 min.


How many activities may appear in an outward static situation of waiting. How double-dealing become waiting person. Main heroe of this dance theatre mono performance is waiting woman. Choreographer and dancer R. Butkus is not affirming nor judging. She questions. Is it possible that our life routine is just a constant longing of  own Feast? What does then appearing rituals mean in it and how many there are repeating myths and religious images? How does the man look like, appearing between old and new, personal and public? Finally, may it create us as Personalities? Questioning that, Woman finds new forms of Feast, but which one should she be trusting in?

Choreographer R. Butkus doesn‘t want to put herself into frames of contemporary dance, therefore she attributes her monoperformance to dance theatre category, thus expanding possible ways of expression. 

Rūta Butkus has graduatted Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy in 2007. With this performance for the first time she presents herself to the audience as a choreographer. She has worked with known Lithuanian choreographers and participated in drama and opera performances by director O. Koršunovas.


International festival of contemporary arts PLArTFORMA
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