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„Glej Theatre“ (Slovenia) performance „Šajning“

Director: Borut Bučinel

Acting: Jelena Rusjan, Lan Remeta, Aleksandar Rajakovič

Dramaturgy and text: Simona Hamer

Recordings and video: Bojan Matjašič

Technical manager: Grega Mohorčič

Stage design: Janko Oven, Martin Lovšin

Costumes: Anja Ukovič

Light design: Borut Bučinel

Music: Borut Praper

Production: Glej teatras / Glej theatre

Sponsors: Ministry of Culture Slovenia, The City of Ljubljana

Premier: 2010 December

Duration: 45 min.


Prestigious hotel in the complete isolation surrounded with beautiful nature. Treated alcoholic Jack Torrence, the new manager brings his wife Wendy and son his Danny to his new post. Hotel guests leave at the end of the season and the family is left alone… surrounded by the ghosts of the past and visions of the future…After Jacks failed attempt to murder his wife he freezes in the hedge maze, or dies burns with the hotel; Depending on the version: Stanley Kubrick or Stephen King.

Šajning begins when The Shining ends.


Borut Bučinel, born 1983, is self-employed professional in the field of choreography, dance and lighting designer. He has created full-length dance-theatre performances: Polnoletni, 2002; Kdo me riše, 2003; Panoptikon, 2004; Odiseja, 2004; Zimska pravljica, 2004; Cuda so potna gospodova, 2005; Spece celice, 2006; Lunatik, 2007; Uspavanka Smrti, 2008; Parfum, 2009; and more short dance performances. His stage and film work is always based on the research of light, scenography and space, and the atmosphere brought by the vivid artistic composition.Bučinel cooperates with other artists: B. Potočan, S. Starič, S. Omerzu, Ž. Žilnik, and others. He has already been awarded numerous prizes and acknowledgements for his work. Bučinel is also involved in pedagogical work – he runs various dance-theatre workshops in Slovenia as well as abroad; and also works full-time as mentor in Dijaški dom Ivana Cankarja residence home for students.

Glej has been synonymous with new, innovative, open and contemporary theatre for forty years. All the great names of Slovenian theatre have trodden its boards, and their performances have been hugely acclaimed both at home as well as abroad. The tradition continues…The Glej Theatre ongoing search for new trends and orientations continues, while its communicative and open performances are simultaneously well considered and elaborated. It remains interested in vivid stories and socially engaged projects that have a direct and straightforward attitude to themes and situations, thus providing a contemporary approach to audiences in the identification and revelation of paradoxes, as well as the strive to give names to phenomena which are nameless.


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