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Feels like Heaven (4three) work in progress presentation

Dance performance - collaboration of Fish Eye Dance Group and L1 Association.

choreographer/idea: Márta Ladjánszki (H)

music: Zsolt Varga (H)

dancers: Ausra Krasauskaite (LT), Inga Kuznecova (LT), Petras Lisauskas (LT)

supported by: L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility (Hungary), Klaipeda city municipality (LT), NEFMI (H)


The venue: Exhibition Hall of Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre

Date: 13th October 2011, at 8 pm


about Márta Ladjánszki:

Independent artist, choreographer, dancer, teacher

After learning classical ballet, gymnastics on the apparatus, jazz and modern dance in Hungary and in Vienna, she has co-founded KOMPmANIA Contemporary Dance Theatre at the end of 1996. Until 2002 she has worked there as dancer and co-creator and she had her own works beside that group mainly in Hungarian projects. She started her solo carrier and won several prizes, too. In 2001 she was invited to join the L1 Independent Dancers’ Partnership, which after nine years changed its name to: L1 Independent Artists Association of Public Utility (shortly: L1 ASSOCIATION). Márta became the artistic leader of L1 Association and the annual L1danceFest (contemporary dance festival).

In the latest years she started to collaborate independent artists together and create group pieces as well. Her interest is the body and its physical limits and combining the music with the choreography, using live music as well.


about Zsolt Varga:

Multiinstrumentalist, improviser, movement artist

In the year 2005 Zsolt Varga started an artistic cooperation with Marta Ladjanszki still lasting to this date. He composed, co-composed and performed music for each of Marta`s pieces since then. In some of  these pieces he also contributed not just as a musician but also as a dancer / movement artist - which has been unknown to the Hungarian contemporary music and dance scene up until now.

Besides all that Zsolt has been playing alto, tenor, soprano sax, keyboards, electronics, guitar and percussions in several Hungarian bands such as the jazz-punk band TornaKlub, the free jazz and electro band Limited Timpani, the electro-acoustic formation Desert Chaos, the keyboard duo Flame Duo, the funk band Boogie! and the only and craziest Hungarian free jazz big-band the McRibbentrop Trio.


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