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dance performance „Prayers of a Silly Girl“

Choreography – Agnija Šeiko and dancers
Dancers: Beata Molytė, Aušra Krasauskaitė, Agnija Šeiko
Music – Petar Doundakov (Bulgaria)
Scenery, costumes and lights – Artūras Šimonis

Duration: 50’

Performance is based on art and philosophy of the 19th century. Creators of a performance were attracted by this period, because of its turning point in arts and social life, especially regarding the changing position of women status. Literally a dance is based on Arthur Rimbaud’s “Silly girl”, philosophically – on Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideas.   

History told by three dancers is actually an existence of one woman in space and time. Her story reflects broken inner mirror, which key – is a prayer. Drama of inner experiences is told in the performance through peculiar personal exorcism and all embracing waiting. 

Official premier took place in 2010.05.05. at Arts Printing House (Vilnius) in the framework of the International Contemporary Dance Festival “New Baltic Dance” program.


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