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Programme of 2007

8th of September, Saturday

Cruise ship terminal (Pilies str. 4)


16:00 - Premier! Dance project „Happy hours“ by A. Šeiko (30’) Square at the Cruise Ship


16:30 - Dance program of Young Lithuanian choreographers (45‘) Dance platform

18:00 - Premier! „Arts Printing House“ (Vilnius) presents: performance „What Remains,

When no one‘s Left“ (dir. B. Šarka) (60’) Theatre scene

18:30 - Premier! Dance project by Liat Magnezy (Israel) (15’) Dance platform

19:00 - Premier! Dance project „La mariée“ by A. Šeiko (30’) Dance scene

19:30 - Dance project by K. Daineko (20’) Dance scene 

G. Grajauskas & music group „Kontrabanda“ (60’) Theatre scene

20:00 - Premier! Theatre laboratory „Open Circle“ presents: Mono performance „PRA“ by

J. Tertelis (dir. A. Giniotis) (50‘) Dance scene

21:00 - „Arts Printing House“ (Vilnius) presents: Audio-visual project of poetry „Between...“

by G. Labanauskaitė & co. (60’) Theatre scene

21:30 - „Arts Printing House“ (Vilnius) presents: dance diptych by L. Juodkaitė

„Salamandra‘s Dream. Picture“ (dir. V. Masalskis) (45‘) Dance scene

22:00 - Folk jazz music group „Virsmas“ (Finland). Soloist I. Dirgėlaitė (45‘) Theatre scene

22:30 - Performance group „Manu's Silence" project "…between the breath and

out-breath…" (Kaliningrad) (20‘) Dance scene

23:00 - Ilona Janti (Finland / G. Britain) circus-dance project (30‘) Cruise Ship Terminal,

next to Klaipėda University boat  „Brabander“

From 20:30 Lounge zone – music project by „Fewnolder“ & video art by DA studio

(Dovydas Augaitis)


Visual projects, presented in the territory of the Cruise Ship Terminal: installations and sculptural objects by T. Vosylius (Kaunas), A. Petkus and J. Malinauskas (Klaipėda)


International festival of contemporary arts PLArTFORMA
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