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meno festivalis “Meno zona”

The idea of “Art zone” was to create an integrated cultural space, where the representatives of different art genres could interfere, communicate and work. During 3 days the works of sculptors, fashion designers, painters, choreographers, body art painters, video artists as well as Dj’s and Jazz musicians were presented. The main goal was to show young artists of Klaipėda, nevertheless many artists from Lithuania were also involved in the project.

Schedule of the Project:
the 25th of July

14.00 – Sculpture workshop

19.00 – Fashion Show & Music (lounge, bossa nova, jazz)

the 26th of July

14.00 – Painting workshop

14.00 – Sculpture workshop (continuing…)

19.00 – Body Painting & Jazz & Music (lounge, bossa nova, jazz)

the 27th of July

18.00 – Experimental electronical music & Video art

24.00 – The burning of the sculptures in the Northern embankment.

Menininkų grupė ŽUVIES AKIS
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