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socialinis meno projektas “Dezinfekcija”

The idea of this artistic–social project was to contribute to the program of youth prevention and to react towards the problems, such as AIDS, drugs, alcohol, smoking, and etc., with the help of art works.

There were special art works created during the workshop, each of them dedicated to one of the above-mentioned problems. The authors were free to choose the genre, techniques, and means for their work.

The created works were exhibited in the center square of the town for one day in regard to draw people’s attention to the problems. Thus works of art fulfilled not only the primary function of being the representers of art, but also functioned as signs “STOP”, as signs of danger, which are not threatening, but only warning.

Besides, during the day, the leaflets with different information about the harm of alcohol, smoking, and drugs were distributed.

Menininkų grupė ŽUVIES AKIS
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