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meno projektas “7 su puse sosto Klaipėdai”

The first group’s art project “7 and a Half Thrones to Klaipėda” was dedicated to the 750 years anniversary of Klaipėda and symbolized the history and the present of the town.

The thrones were chosen both for the diversity of their design and the possibility to embody iconographical program. Since the old days throne was associated with the categories of power, victory and freedom, therefore the semantics of the throne imply its symbolic meaning to the particular project.

7 thrones represented 700 years of Klaipėda’s existence and were dedicated to 7 different themes, each of them closely connected to the history of town’s foundation and development: Earth, Sea, Ethno-culture, Urbanistics, Trade, Christian culture and War. Meanwhile the throne that had to represent the present days of Klaipėda, the rest 50 years (“Half”) was a result of the beholders’ improvisation.

7 thrones were exposed in the tower of the castle. Such location created special atmosphere – the thrones interfered with the history, where the present becomes a part of the past, and vice versa, the past becomes a part of the present.

Menininkų grupė ŽUVIES AKIS
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